Who am I?

Photographer, creator, and mentor for photographers.

Hi, I'm Karen.

My journey behind the lens started when I fell in love with the idea of seizing one single moment and cherish it forever.
I chose to master in children and family photography shortly after I become a mother myself; then, I realized that there are moments that you have to keep.
I meet my clients in their most special moments and try to pour some of their unique selves and the love that binds them together into the image.
Every family is unique and special in their own way; I do everything I can to create a magical experience for them and a collection of moments to keep.

Six years ago, with shaking hands, I opened up the gates of my long dreamed studio.
After taking some photos of friends and family – I started a page and informed the world that I was here. and ready for clients

I remember the surprised voices surrounding me:
“Photography is not a profession” (
“Do you really think anyone will pay you money for it…. ??”
“Go be a substitute teacher at a school.”
“The market is flooded.”
“You shouldn’t be it a business owner. The state will burn you down.”


In the beginning, these voices were able to get me down and insecure making me wonder about myself and the profession I chose.

After all, the market is really flooded, and why should anyone choose me .. ??

But I have decided.

And I had a list of desires:

  1. I want a job that I LOVE. after 12 years in a position that completely wore me down. A job that just thinking about waking up and going there could bring me to tears. I knew I couldn’t go on like this anymore.no one should. I deserve to love my job. After all, I spend quite a lot of time there.
  2. I want customers that respect and appreciate me. – This is a direct result of the previous section. After years that I didn’t get any appreciation at the previous job, I have to work with an audience who would appreciate me. (It must be mutual, of course!!)
  3. I want to spend more time with my family.
  4.  I want to earn enough for a decent living.
    I don’t want to live out of loans.

    My photos back then were an average minus. But I knew – I must start, and I must start right.
    And even though the pictures were not the best thing on the market – I was charging prices that you could live on (yes, there is a way to price correctly!).

    And I took Business consulting. And a marketing course. And another sales course. And more. And more photography workshops. And editing. And I even went abroad.
    And in the end, I also learned business consulting (in addition to the degree I already have), because it turns out – there is a built-in way to success.
     I have dreams. And I believe in every part of me- when you write down your dreams, work hard, and point every single cell of your body towards your goals – you can sure turn dreams in a reality.

Karen Danieli Portrait