Why is good service for a customer so important?

צילומי ילדים באוסטריה

There was a thing that had me out of balance for a whole day. My credit check provider announced that he was changing the terms, without any prior notice, and for several hours of nervous mortatas I could not understand whether and when they would transfer me the funds that had been spent last month, and some of them.

So the happy ending is good, and after a lot of nerves on my part it’s been clarified, and I’ve decided to write about it — something I haven’t put into the successful business list–excellent customer service.

Maybe because I thought it was obvious–and maybe I put it in my head as a excellence.

So let’s talk a moment about customer service.

I personally prefer to treat every client of mine — just like my own child. What does it mean?

1. The client at the top of my eyes:

My client is really important to me. I cherish him thanks for having chosen me and not everyone else. Just like my daughter is in the head of my eyes.

2. Coordinating expectations with the customer:

One of the things I do with my daughters every time I want our mission to succeed, is to talk to them about what is going to happen, put them all the truth inside (gently, yes..??), and make sure they hear what I’m saying. For example

They’re going to do blood tests. “Tomorrow morning we will avenge and go to the HMO.” We’il go take a blood test at the nurse’s. The test takes from here (pointing to the place) with a syringe. -Mom, does it hurt…? Yes. Stabbing is a little painful and unpleasant, I’m not as unpleasant when you stab me, yet-it’s so important to your health. This way you can check what you have in your body, or what you lack in your body to strengthen you if necessary. And so, when the moment of truth comes, she does not feel betrayed. I didn’t tell her fairy tales “It won’t hurt, it’s just a little pinch…” But–she knew the whole truth, and our relationship was getting stronger.

That’s right with the client. Once the customer knows exactly what to expect, he is not disappointed. Imagine a customer who saw a certain picture, expected to receive it, comes to photography, and does not receive one? For him, you are not professional.

So in the first conversation with the client, I make it clear to him exactly what is going to happen, for example-a client of Newburn photography-knows in advance, not every baby goes into every posture, and that he may have only three sets. That way the customer does not expect 10 sets. Because if the customer did expect 10 sets, and the baby did not agree, he did not come out disappointed.

3. Listening to the customer:

Once you really listen to your customers, you will discover a wonderful world. Every person wants to be heard. One of the few and a few when it comes to a person who purchased a service with money. Paolo Coelelo’s 11-minute book deals with a young woman who is to make a living choosing to be an escort. She tells about her life, her encounters, and the conclusions of life. She tells that most of the men who are coming to her-come at all to talk. They want to have a listening ear. A lot of times sex is nothing but a secondary thing in the whole deal. (Wonderful book, shocking, not for the faint of heart!). And so has many studies and experiments that have been conducted, and from my long years of experience. Listen to your customers and their needs. Listen to me really. At the end of the day, there is a reason they want your product. When you understand the reason and give them what they have hoped for, they will appreciate you a few times.

4. Set clear rules-towards the client and towards yourselves (agreement/work contract)-and stand in it!

It is important that everything you have talked to the customer will also be in the form of an agreement. Who remembers what was in the conversation 2 minutes after it was finished? So if I promised to give the album to the customer within 6 weeks of the photo selection, and the customer asks me after two weeks with the album, and I will gently read it to him with the agreement I sent to him – that the album will be ready within 6 weeks from the day of choice, all good. But if I am late in one day, the client will not usually see it in a good eye. Aren’t we very disappointed when we wait and expect something and he doesn’t come…? So–stand on your side too. If you have told the customer that it will be ready at a certain time, make sure that it is ready in this time.

5. We'll be interested in the client, really:

Many times we send the client materials, and… You forget about him. From now on-select images in its own problem. So no. Check one for the time that you define what happens with the customer, whether he needs help, whether he is satisfied. When the customer feels you are interested in him, he will understand that he is important to you.

6. Stand in your word, and in times-always:

If I said I’d be there at 5:00, I’d be in ten to five. If I told the customer that he would get increased by gift–and the magnification grew cold, and it no longer pays, he will receive a gift. Because I promised. Ksimomp would earn as few shekels as possible, but a satisfied customer is a customer recommends….

7. Do El Al and beyond

Try to give your customers something they didn’t expect. Something you know you can do, that you don’t charge crazy energies or a lot of time, and will surprise your well-being.

What a fun it is to get into the hotel room on your wedding day and get a pampering gift from the hotel…? Isn’t that right?

To summarize – think how you would like to be treated with your children and behave in a similar way. I promise you–from experience. When you have a reputation for pleasant and good service providers, marketing and advertising will be much easier! The diary will already be half full-just a mouth-to-mouth, and people are willing to pay a good product, and the service is excellent.

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