Wishes for my new decade

I’m not sure where to start.
So I’ll just write it down.
I just entered my 5th decade and turn 40 (OMG)
I spent the last decade rebuilding myself.
Not really something I was aiming for, everything just happened.
I formed a relationship and started a family, set up a studio, and set myself up.
When I turned 30, I chose to do what was good for me and what is right for me, filtering out the background noise.
When I only met Gleb (my beloved spouse), the background noises raised thair voice pretty quickly. After all, I was 31, and he’s only 22.
I saw a lot of raised eyebrows, but I – listening to my heart – and ignored the noises.
When I opened the studio – even then – I had to filter everything and be focused.
the background noises, oh the background noises came in so many shapes and forms- “you shouldn’t start a business.” “why would people come and choose you?” “you need a real job.” “

And again – I chose to ignore the background noise, and listen to my heart.
And I’m so happy today for taking this path.
Just before my 40th birthday, I choose again – listen to my heart.
Choose what’s right for my family and me.
I keep walking along my path and trying to enjoy it.
I choose to continue to help all those I possibly can, in words, lectures, tutorials, studies, and some inspiration.

Because every time I hear things like, “I came back to life” “Thank you, Keren. I have more time to spend with my family” “You helped me make a better living” or just “. Now I’m finally happy” – from my students.
To me, this is the true meaning of life. This is what feels my lungs with fresh air.
And I choose another decade like that.
A decade of giving and receiving.

Because when I give – I get so much back.
Thank you for the opportunity to give.

I chose a fall image, showing the never-ending life cycle – regeneration, growth, and lots of depth.